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Who are we?

Ditas Consulting is an ambitious and enthusiastic company founded by Edita Vasiljevic in the beginning of 2020.
Edita has been in the tourism industry for more than 15 years, and over 8+ years in yacht charter. In this period of time she gathered specific experience related to sales, marketing, and IT, and decided to pass it on.

The motivation for starting the company was to help boost Digitalization in the yacht charter industry. Ditas Consulting is a company founded on belief – Combine Digital With Emotion.

What we do?

We analyze your current situation or help you build the business from the ground up. All the while advising on how to improve your marketing and sales strategies in order to get more leads and convert more clients.

Services that we provide are based on the expertise in the IT sector of the yachting/charter industry as well as extensive experience with sales and marketing strategies in the tourism industry.

We use our knowledge in the whole tourism sector to create new opportunities for you and your business, in sales and marketing while combining it with the newest IT technologies.

What is our mission?

Our passion and mission are to assist our clients to reach growth and getting to their KPIs.
Ditas Consulting is more than any other consulting company as we provide full service for your business from the beginning.

With the help of our experienced and skilled team, you will increase the value of your business, acquire more leads, and maximize your potential.

Our main goal is to make sure you get your company where it needs to be – ON TOP.




“I have met Edita several times over the last three years at the world’s biggest yacht charter shows. I thoroughly enjoy my conversations with Edita, who is an expert in all things yacht charters, marketing, and digitalization.”
“Edita has an eye for the gaps in processes and addresses innovation where it is needed and she provides a fresh perspective. I highly recommend Edita to anyone who wants to challenge the status quo and who needs advice in digitalizing processes, marketing, yachts, and the yacht industry as a whole.”
Adrian, BoatAffair

Founding Ditas Consulting really was the obvious and right choice for Edita! She has been a valuable friend and business partner of mine for many years and her hard work, ambition, and professionalism have never ceased to amaze me.

“Even during casual dinner meetings at the various boat shows and events where we have met, she was constantly trying to help others in the industry by providing expert support and passing on her in-depth knowledge. She is an excellent consultant and coach (both online and in-person). I would definitely trust her as a business consultant for any type of business and especially one in the yachting industry. Her impressive resume and client/partner recommendations over the years definitely prove that she would be a true asset for any team!”
Elpida, Yacht4Less

Our partnership with Ditas Consulting created new opportunities and potentials for our company due to their experience in the yachting business sector and deep knowledge of the yachting market that helped us upgrade our B2B network.

“The strategy of our new marketing plan was built and executed with success, according to Edita’s guidelines and research, with many important key points and the proper and detailed targeting of our customers. Communication with Edita is always productive and pleasant, through several online meetings held on a regular basis, during which we review and adjust our plan of action!”
Yannis, Yako Sailing

For me it was written in the stars we would work together at one time, so when Edita started her own company we very quickly agreed in cooperating. She knows our industry in and out from all sides, which makes her understand my needs and ideas.

“Edita really delivers what she commits to, communication with her is very clear and straightforward. She does thorough research with great results  which makes working with her very comforting and it shows what a great professional she is. Working with Ditas Consulting is an investment that pays itself in better results, new opportunities and ideas to work with our partners. We created a  better website experience, better social media content for our clients and this has resulted in more visits and more bookings. “
Patricia, Anuras Charter Agency
I met Edita from Ditas Consulting at a yacht-charter business expo, and we immediately connected as Edita has a really friendly and professional approach.

Since I’ve built a website for my small yachting business a year before that, I knew I had to take care of the SEO part, but didn’t know where to start. 

Thanks to Edita’s plan of action, responsiveness and patience, I  was finally able to get a clear idea of the steps needed to make my website show up on Google organically. SEO is an ongoing engagement but I am glad I had Edita to point me out in the right direction! 
Silvia, Anchor & Wine Croatia LLC