The question that is on everybody’s mind – SEO – Yes or NO? We say- Absolutely YES! In todays high speed internet world, you need a good SEO expert who can help you with a strategy and get you on your feet.

First step is always the same. Building a good website which is the core for your business. After you have done the work and made sure that the technical SEO was covered while programming the website, comes the SEO content part. Remember, you need to work on fine tuning and dig into the SEO part. This process is long term, so you can not expect to be on the first page of any search engine in matter of a month. Usually the process takes 6-12 months that you can say -ok, I see that we have “climbed”, and especially for a new website that you are launching.

There are many variables that you can use while creating an SEO strategy.

First, hire an agency to help you with this. If you already have a person in marketing make sure she or he knows all the tricks that can help you. Why then an agency? Because you save money and you can get a professional that understands and knows what to do.

Second step – do the research. You need to know what are the keywords and meta tags you need to implement. By implementing keywords, think about not just to integrate them into the back of the website but also on the front. Use them in your content. Create a content marketing strategy and place them strategically in your content.

Third step – use cross linking. Cross linking helps you build rapport on the search engines and proves to the bots that you are really doing something on your website.

Fourth– invest your time in copywriting and making your content unique. Also, change it as often possible! This is something that is really important as well, if you want to deliver great content.

Fifth – Make sure your website speed is fast. Be sure in the host provider you are going to use.

Sixth – build your social media. This will get you more exposure and help you in getting more traffic on the website.

Last but not least- tell your story! Nothing will help you if you can not deliver a story through your website. Be creative.

Should you have any questions feel free to comment me or send me your questions via contact form.

Stay digital!